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Cruise Ship

The increase in cruise ship calls to Dubai and other Arabian Gulf Ports encouraged Orient Tours to establish a Cruise Ship Department in 1996. Over the years Orient Tours has developed to become one of the major ground handlers for cruise calls into this region, offering complete handling and management services for any type of cruise calls.

Cruise Ship Services
It is our aim to develop the potential in the UAE and Oman for cruise calls and passenger exchange.We offer a high quality of cruise ship service combined with the utmost efficiency and attention to every detail of the operation. Our experience in cruise ship handling is guaranteed by our attached list of references.

Shore Excursions
- Innovative programs that offer a richness of culture and diversified shore excursion routes.
- All routes are checked for accessibility and extra personal service is offered at special locations

- Professional, knowledgeable, multilingual tour guides in uniform

- High quality coaches are driven by well-trained, responsible drivers and equipped with mineral water
- 4WD vehicles for desert tours are driven by experienced, English speaking drivers in uniform. The vehicles are equipped with mineral water, tissues, first aid kit and mobile phones.

- Individual or private tours, golf bookings, diving packages etc.
- Liaison with local authorities for special opening of Museums etc.

Shuttle Service between Port and City or Beach
- Includes complete coordination at all stops
- Liaison with shopping centers, local police and other authorities
- Liaison with beach hotels for exclusive services and facilities

Pre- and Post Cruise Programs
- We offer hotel allocations and reservations
- Meet and assist service at the airport for arrival and departure

- Hotel information desks
- Escorted port and airport transfers by multilingual guides
- Cruise Shore Excursion packages
- Handling of entry and exit formalities and liaison with local Immigration Authorities and Airlines

Passenger Exchange
- Escorted transfers between port and airport, including separate luggage handling
- Handling of entry and exit formalities and liaison with local Immigration Authorities and Airlines
- Guests are assisted by our representatives upon arrival / departure at the airport

- Liaison with the airlines to ensure smooth passenger and luggage handling

Team Work
- Liaison with the Shipping  Agent, the Port Authorities and the Immigration Authorities for a smooth and speedy disembarkation of passengers
- Liaison with Tourism Authorities and others for special welcome arrangements of passengers at quay and for passenger exchange at the airport. This can include police band,  folkloric dancers, children with flowers for the ladies, Arabic Coffee and dates, distribution of city maps, sale of postcards etc.
- Liaison with taxi drivers and other suppliers to ensure the success of the operations.


United Arab Emirates



Other Emirates

Sultanate of Oman

Dubai, UAE

AIDAdiva (homeport), 2008-11, 2013-14

AIDAblu (homeport), 2011-13

AIDAcara (homeport), 2007-08

Queen Mary 2, 2015/2014/2013/2009-12/2007

Queen Elizabeth, 2015/2014/2012/2011

Queen Victoria, 2013/2010/2009/2008

Queen Elizabeth 2, 2008/2005-06/2001 /1999

P&O Adonia, 2014

P&O Aurora, 2013/2012/2010

P&O Arcadia, 2015/2014/2012/2009-10

P&O Oriana, 2012/1998

HAL Rotterdam, 2015/2014/2013/2009

HAL Amsterdam, 2015/2011/2007

Seabourn Legend, 2011-14

Seabourn Quest, 2013/2012

Seabourn Odyssey, 2015/ 2013/ 2012/ 2010

Seabourn Sojourn, 2011

Seabourn Spirit, 2004-11/2001

Seabourn Pride, 2013/2012/2011/2009

Minerva, 2012/2010/2000-02/1995-99

Astor (winter-series), 2012-13/2007-09 /2002-03

Black Watch, 2013/2007

Balmoral, 2015/2014/2013/2011

Island Sky, 2011/2006-09

Spirit of Oceanus, 2010

Ocean Princess, 2010

Pacific Princess, 2010/2008

Dawn Princess, 2010/2009

The World, 2010/2008

Pacific Venus, 2007-10/2004/2001

Ocean Village II, 2009

Tahitian Princess, 2009

Royal Princess, 2009

Silver Wind, 2009 (winter-series)

Silver Whisper, 2008 (winter-series)

Vistamar, 2006

Astoria, 2005

Seabourn Sun, 2001

Sea Goddess II, 1997-99

Asuka, 1998-99

Star Flyer, 1998

Caledonian Star, 1995

Calypso, 1995, 1994

Dostojefski, 1994

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Costa Neo Riviera (homeport), 2014-2015

Costa Serena (homeport), 2014-2015

AIDAaura (homeport), 2014-2015

AIDAdiva (homeport), 2008-11, 2013-15

AIDAblu (homeport), 2011-13

Queen Elizabeth, 2014/2015

Queen Mary 2, 2013/2015

HAL Rotterdam, 2013/2014

Astor, (winter-series) 2012-13/2007-09

P&O Arcadia, 2015

P&O Adonia, 2014

P&O Aurora, 2012

Island Sky, 2011/2008-09

Spirit of Oceanus, 2010

Silver Wind, 2009 (winter-series)

Silver Whisper, 2008 (winter-series)

The World, 2008

Vistamar, 2006

Rotterdam, 1999

Sea Goddess II, 1998

Minerva, 1997


Fujairah, UAE

P&O Adonia, 2014

Minerva, 2013/2010/2000-02/1998

Island Sky, 2011/2008-09/2006

Ocean Village, 2010

Spirit of Oceanus, 2010

Silver Wind, 2009 (winter-series)

Silver Whisper, 2008 (winter-series)

Astor, 2007-09 (winter-series)

Vistamar, 2006

Astoria 2005

Khor Fakkan, UAE

Queen Mary 2, 2015

Seabourn Odyssey, 2015/2013/2012

Seabourn Pride, 2013/2012

Seabourn Legend, 2012

AIDAblu, 2012

Ras Al Khaimah, UAE

Island Sky, 2011/2006-07

Spirit of Oceanus, 2010

Sea Goddess II, 1999

Sharjah, UAE

Island Sky, 2011/2009

Le Levant, 2007

S’ir Bani Yas Island, UAE

Island Sky, 2011


Muscat, Oman

Hamburg, 2014

Astor, 2013/2012/2003/2002

Island Sky, 2011/2006-09

HAL Rotterdam, 2009

Vistamar, 2006

Astoria, 2005

Minerva, 2000/1995-99

Sea Goddess II, 1996-99

Windstar, 1998

Salalah, Oman

Astor, 2012/2002-03 (winter-series) /2004/2002-03 (winter-series)

Island Sky, 2011/2006-08

Pacific Venus, 2010

HAL Prinsendam, 2008

HAL Amsterdam, 2007-08

Vistamar, 2006/1999

Astoria 2005

Asuka, 2002/1996

Minerva, 1996-99

Princess Cruises, 1998-99

Saga Rose, 1999

Sur, Oman

Island Sky, 2011/2006-08

Khasab, Oman

Hamburg, 2014

Astor, 2012

Island Sky, 2011/2008-09/2006